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Moving With Pets

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Moving With Pets

Moving home with pets doesn’t have to be complicated – so long as you’re prepared. Follow our checklist to make sure you and your pets experience as little stress as possible on moving day.

Before the move:

  • If your pet is coming with you, ensure you have a suitable carry case. Let them explore it for a few days before the move and take them on a few short trips in their new case so they can become accustomed to it.
  • If your pet is not coming with you find a friend to look after them or put them in a boarding kennel or cattery for the day. It’s always best to use a familiar boarding centre to ease stress.
  • If your pet is coming, and the journey is long, speak to your vet about sedation for the trip.
  • Ensure your pet’s vaccination record and microchip details are up to date and get them a new ID tag with your new address on it.
  • The earlier you begin packing the easier it will be. If you pack in a rush, your pet will know something unusual is happening and they may be anxious and frightened.

On moving day:

  • If your pet is travelling with you, make sure they get lots of attention and try to stick to normal feeding and walking routines.
  • Try not to feed your pet immediately before the journey and ensure they have chance to go to the toilet before and during the trip.

On moving day:

  • Moving day is stressful for everyone involved, but it’s the fear of being left behind that is your loyal companion’s biggest concern, so make sure that you pay plenty of attention to your pet on the day.
  • Try to keep the routine of your feeding and walking times as similar as possible.
  • However, make sure to avoid feeding your pet for a few hours before transit, hopefully this will prevent any unpleasant toilet accidents during the move.

After the move:

  • Keep your pet indoors for a while after the move, until they get used to their new home.
  • Supervise them for their first few trips into the garden, or try a long line lead for cats and dogs until they get used to the new surroundings.
  • If you have a cat, check them regularly after their first few trips out alone. It’s likely they’ll get into a few territorial scraps as they settle in.
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